Harnessing the Power of Health

WDS puts your health data to work to reduce risk for lifestyle diseases.

WDS Health RiskTM Index. Making sense of health data for individuals and corporations.

It all starts with the WDS Health RiskTM Index, powered by WDS.

    • Proprietary algorithm that objectively quantifies lifestyle disease risk
    • Quantifiable, objective snapshot of each employee’s health and the health of the whole company
    • Incorporates the most important lifestyle-relate health expenses
    • Allows focused, targeted interventions for individuals and corporations
  • Directly leads to health-care cost savings and a positive ROI


Get Immediate Results

Choosing Wellness Data Solutions for your company will change everything. Businesses see an immediate ROI because:

  • Employees have incentive to make positive lifestyle choices.
  • Employees decrease their risk for lifestyle diseases.
  • Employers see immediate healthcare cost savings.
  • Companies attract healthier applicants.

Put your health data to work. Get more information today!