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WDS Health RiskTM Index 

Our proprietary scientific algorithm measures each employee’s risk for preventable lifestyle diseases and turns it into an individual WDS Health RiskTM Index. Indexes are tallied by department and for the company as a whole to determine baseline metrics.
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Data-Driven Risk Reduction

Our results have been 3rd-party verified. Companies that use WDS have significant reductions in Risk Scores, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, and Waist Circumference. All of these reductions lead to a healthier, more productive workforce.
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Corporate Cost Savings

WDS helps companies just like yours see an immediate savings in healthcare expenditures. A sliding scale healthcare savings metric is rolled out company-wide, adjusting premiums for each employee based on personal WDS Health RiskTM Index.
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“Wellness Data Solutions [WDS Health RiskTM Index] is a great way for our staff to understand their health risks more holistically, rather looking at a single factors like weight or blood pressure. The Wellness Data Solutions crew provides each staff member with an individual risk score, as well as offering one-on-one coaching and agency-wide wellness activities and tips to help our staff improve their overall health. Research has shown that behavior, rather than biology, is the leading determinant of health. As an organization, we want to give our staff the tools to make informed behavioral choices. Wellness Data Solutions helps us do that.”

Debbie Reed
President/CEO of Chaddock


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