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Goodbye, preventable illness and disease. Hello, robust bottom line.

We believe a health revolution is possible. WDS unlocks health data for healthier employees and healthier companies.

The Science
It starts with our proprietary scientific algorithm that measures each employee’s risk for preventable lifestyle diseases and turns it into an individual WDS Health RiskTM Index. Indexes are tallied by department and for the company as a whole to determine baseline metrics.

WDS is able to effectively implement lifestyle and health intervention for large populations. That means maximum flourishing for your company.

The Savings
A sliding scale healthcare savings metric is rolled out company-wide, adjusting premiums for each employee based on personal WDS Health RiskTM Index.

WDS helps companies just like yours see an immediate savings in healthcare expenditures.

Risk Management Plans
A custom risk management plan is designed for each individual. For those who would like additional support, WDS offers personal health coaching by a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

WDS provides counsel and support through custom plans and digital tools that help individuals achieve their goals.

The Results
Employee data is collected again at 6 months and 12 months (and annually thereafter) to adjust employee healthcare premiums based on current WDS HRI numbers.

WDS effectively improves employee health while reducing overall employer healthcare costs.

Savings Calculator

Prediabetes & Diabetes {{ members('dia') | int }} 4.5%
Obesity {{ members('obe') | int }} 1.9%
Metabolic Syndrome {{ members('met') | int }} 15.9%
Hypertension {{ members('hyp') | int }} 4.2%
Dyslipidemia {{ members('dys') | int }} 11.9%

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