The Power of a Healthy Self

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Wellness Data Solutions is revolutionizing health as we know it.

By unlocking personal health data, individuals are empowered to take charge of their health for measurable results. Here’s how it works:

WDS Health RiskTM Index
Our scientific model assesses your risk for preventable lifestyle diseases and turns it into an individual WDS Health RiskTM Index. Your HRI is the foundation for a healthier you.


Risk Management Plans
Get a custom health risk management plan designed just for you, based on your HRI.


Individual Health Coaching
Need additional support? WDS offers health coaching to help you achieve your goals.


Healthy Self & Savings
Committing to a healthier you gives you more life in your years and more years in your life—plus a cost savings on your healthcare expenses.


Get more of the good in life.

Are you suffering from any of these side effects of poor health? With the power of your HRI, you can say goodbye to poor health and hello to a new, healthier you.

WDS Health Benefits

  • Lower blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced stress
  • Greater productivity, work satisfaction
  • Weight loss
  • More restful sleep

Chronic Symptoms

  • Higher blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol
  • Increased risk of heart failure, diabetes
  • Kidney complications, urinary tract infections
  • Fatigue
  • Stress, headaches, upset stomach
  • Gas, bloating, diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Depression, anxiety

Discover the power of a healthy self.

WDS is making a healthy self possible for people just like you, all over the country.

“Looking back at my experiences thus far, I can see just how attuned Wellness Data Solutions has been to what I needed. WDS was careful to pace my journey in a way I could see my small successes and celebrated those successes with me. Carrie offered me the support I needed to maintain the life-style changes I was making through her guidance. WDS offered support to me throughout each day, encouraging me to use Carrie as not only someone to be accountable with but also as someone to seek support and advice from when I was unsure. I have made life-style changes that have helped me to live a healthier life, and I have never felt better!”

“Wellness Data Solutions has helped me understand and turn around the reasons for my overweight condition. Through steady, good-natured, non-judgmental, and incredibly helpful ideas and concrete suggestions from WDS, I have been eating much healthier and feeling better with more energy throughout the day. I have also gradually lost more than 10 pounds and kept it off through simple and sustainable lifestyle changes. Over the past year, this has changed my WDS Health RiskTM Index in a positive way, not only making my personal insurance cost less, but most important, giving me the incentive I needed to work toward and attain a healthier lifestyle. Through Wellness Data Solutions programs at Chaddock, I have had easy access, no personal cost, and lots of motivation that I know I would not have experienced if it had not been brought right to my place of work and made available to me. I am extremely grateful every day for Carrie and the team at Wellness Data Solutions, and for the compassionate leaders of Chaddock who have offered this opportunity to all of our employees and family members.”


Be your healthiest self. Get more information today!