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We harness the power of health by managing disease risk.

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Wellness Data Solutions unlocks the power of risk data to establish a culture of health so companies enjoy greater profitability as employees decrease their health risks.

Joe and Carrie Company founded WDS in response to a weakness they saw in typical corporate wellness programs that focused on participation-based metrics, which failed to produce measurable results. Innovative programming, creative solutions, and strategic interventions based on science began to emerge—and that’s when Wellness Data Solutions was born.

WDS serves as a third-party wellness vendor designed specifically to meet the unique needs of employers interested in reducing their employees’ lifestyle disease risk. We provide employers with the necessary tools to quantify disease risk, increase engagement within their work sites, and educate employees about improving their health, reducing lifestyle disease risk, and reducing healthcare costs.

WDS Health RiskTM Index, Powered by WDS

Health data is complex — so much so that few people are able to use their personal health data to make measurable, lasting changes in their overall health profile.

WDS unlocks the power of health data using the WDS Health RiskTM Index. It’s our proprietary health algorithm that measures each employee’s risk for preventable lifestyle diseases and provides a detailed risk management plan for each individual.

We make health data accessible and understandable so that employees are healthier — which means your company is healthier too.


WDS Founders

Meet Joseph Company, PhD
Joe Company believes in the power of data to transform lives.

After earning a BA in mathematics from Goshen College, Joe taught mathematics for six years. Joe then resumed his studies at the University of Missouri, where he completed a master’s degree in exercise physiology. His master’s work involved validating body composition measurements in adult strength and endurance athletes, collaborating on projects investigating diet and exercise intervention on adults with metabolic syndrome.

This work prompted Joe to pursue a doctorate in biomedical science, where he studied mechanisms of adipose tissue and growth during and after a sudden decrease in physical activity. He also collaborated on nutraceutical research investigating the metabolism of various whey protein proteins. His work has been published in numerous peer-reviewed papers and a book chapter titled “Dietary fat intake strategies to enhance performance.”

Interest in this field of study flows from Joe’s own athletic endeavors and accomplishments. He competed in track and field in high school and college, setting university school and conference records in the 200m and 400m, as well as qualifying for Indoor and Outdoor Nationals in both events. After college, Joe competed as a semi-professional athlete in the 400m and 800m, with attempts to qualify for the Olympic Trials. He then switched his focus to triathlon competitions, racing professionally from 2002 to 2007. He has completed nine Ironman races and hundreds of other triathlons, running races, and cycling races.

In 2010, Joe launched Endurance Company, a coaching business that focuses on endurance performance. Joe coaches and consults athletes of all ages across the United States. While he has coached Olympic Trials qualifiers, Ironman World Championship qualifiers, and professional athletes, his primary clients are age-group athletes seeking to perform their best.

In 2015, Joe launched Wellness Data Solutions, where he developed a proprietary algorithm for measuring individual health and risk of preventable lifestyle diseases. He oversees the biometric data collection, data analysis, and education for all corporate contracts at WDS.

Meet Carrie K. Company, MSEd, NBC-HWC
Carrie Company is passionate about empowering people to become their healthiest self.

Starting her education with a BA in psychology from the University of Missouri, Columbia, Carrie then pursued her master’s in counseling psychology from the University of Kansas, Lawrence.  Carrie then spent about 10 years working in Human Resources and raising four beautiful children.  Carrie then focused her passion on understanding corporate health and wellness, improving quality of life and decreasing risk for lifestyle diseases.  

Carrie’s work in corporate wellness began at Quincy Medical Group, where she researched,  implemented, and established its first-ever corporate wellness program. As health and wellness grew at QMG, Carrie began applying her expertise in corporate wellness at other businesses. Her expertise in wellness programming, personal health assessment, and health coaching are invaluable to the WDS model. Carrie is a certified Corporate Wellness Specialist with the Corporate Health and Wellness Association, a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach, DPP Lifestyle Coach, and a AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. In addition, Carrie is a member of the McLean Country Chamber of Commerce, American Counseling Association, Wellcoaches School of Coaching and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

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