Client Spotlight: Chaddock

30 August 2017 Posted by admin In Articles

Helping people be their healthiest self is what drives everything we do at Wellness Data Solutions. One of our clients seeing dramatic change is Chaddock, located in Quincy, Illinois. Chaddock is a residential treatment facility that employs just over 200 full-time employees in Quincy as well as employees all over the country. Each year, the Chaddock team serves thousands of children and families through foster care and a full-range of preventative, educational, and treatment services.

WDS works with staff members on all levels, from maintenance to leadership to psychologists, with a 95% workforce engagement rate. Here’s some employee feedback on the help received from WDS:

“Looking back at my experiences thus far, I can see just how attuned Wellness Data Solutions has been to what I needed. WDS was careful to pace my journey in a way I could see my small successes and celebrated those successes with me. Carrie offered me the support I needed to maintain the life-style changes I was making through her guidance. WDS offered support to me throughout each day, encouraging me to use her as not only someone to be accountable with but also as someone to seek support and advice from when I was unsure. I have made life-style changes that have helped me to live a healthier life, and I have never felt better!”

“Wellness Data Solutions has helped me understand and turn around the reasons for my overweight condition. Through steady, good-natured, non-judgmental, and incredibly helpful ideas and concrete suggestions from WDS, I have been eating much healthier and feeling better with more energy throughout the day. I have also gradually lost more than 10 pounds and kept it off through simple and sustainable lifestyle changes. Over the past year, this has changed my Health Risk Index in a positive way, not only making my personal insurance cost less, but most important, giving me the incentive I needed to work toward and attain a healthier lifestyle. Through Wellness Data Solutions programs at Chaddock, I have had easy access, no personal cost, and lots of motivation that I know I would not have experienced if it had not been brought right to my place of work and made available to me. I am extremely grateful every day for Carrie and the team at Wellness Data Solutions, and for the compassionate leaders of Chaddock who have offered this opportunity to all of our employees and family members.”